The Ongoing War

Ashurta Himself

room of Ashurta; fight ashurta, wights, zombies; all but Coura fall in battle, and Erden and Scythe die but Disciple18 recovers; find ashurta’s blade, belt of the brawler, skull mask, eye gems

retreat to surface to seek aid of Olaakki

Ashurta's Tomb

entrance to tomb; fight with bugs; find key, journal, battle standard, flying kruthik corpse

room with many pressure plates (ignored)

funnel to meat grinder (avoided)

waterfall into grate; fight corpse, displacer beasts, motes, bug

room of “sword siblings”; fountain of blood mist; fight various undead; pop sarcophagi

Setting Out

why are we in Sharn now?

holiday speech, overheard conversation 1 (dwarves), overheard conversation 2 (hobgoblin priests), discussion with Olaakki and other priests, found old note from university professor, meeting Olaakki and Molric in Tain Foundry, descent into Kruthik territory


Coura, Scythe, Disciple18, Erden

where we come from

how we met


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